New product: Synergistic Research Tranquility POD

Synergistic Research Tranquility POD

The new ACTIVE Tranquility PODs conditions the signal while it’s still in your system, just like full-sized Tranquility Bases but in a smaller and more flexible platform. And Tranquility PODs are based on the same ACTIVE EM Cell technology that powers the SR PowerCell line conditioners. But instead of conditioning AC electromagnetic fields, Tranquility PODs interact with the EM fields inside your components for more of what everyone loves about PowerCell line conditioners.

The Tranquility POD is used underneath or on top of devices. The dimensions are 6x6x1" and the price is $749. Until the end of the year you'll get a set of MiG 2.0 with each POD, a value of $249 FREE.

CLICK HERE for more info or to place an order.
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