New product arrival: Scansonic MB-10 Subwoofer

Scansonic MB-10 Subwoofer
The brand new Scansonic MB-10 Subwoofer is not only great in a home cinema setup, it also blends seamlessly into a good stereo system.

Using Raidho/Scansonic knowledge and expertise in designing high-end loudspeakers, Scansonic focused on making the MB-10 reproduce bass in a more natural and 'honest' way than normally seen/heard from subwoofers. Using a class A/B amplifier instead of the commonly used Class D, plays a key role in the MB-10's natural and dynamic performance. Combined with a low mass 10” woofer and an enclosure tuned to match it allows Scansonic to avoid any frequency equalization circuits.

The US retail price is $1390. CLICK HERE for more info or to place your order.
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