New line of products: ICHOS loudspeakers made in Vienna

ICHOS Loudspeakers made in Vienna
We're very glad to announce that highend-electronics has been appointed as US importer and distributor for ICHOS Hi-End  loudspeakers.

ICHOS loudspeakers are hand made in Vienna, Austria and follow a very different approach. ICHOS speakers use specially treated wideband drivers with an internal  back-loaded horn facing down. The proprietary dipole tweeter sits on top and augments the high frequencies. The absence of a crossover results in exceptional macro- and micro-dynamics, speed and details. 

Last weekend at the Westdeutsche HiFi-Tage in Bonn Germany, ICHOS debut their brand new Mark II series. We expect the first delivery at the end of October. In the meantime check out their website in Vienna, Austria - CLICK HERE
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