New award: Valvet A4e mono blocks - Fidelity Award Winner 2020

Valvet A4e mono-blocks - Fidelity Award Winner 2020After receiving the StereoTimes' Most Wanted Component of the Decade Award earlier this year, the Valvet A4e mono-blocks were crowned the Fidelity Award Winner 2020 in the category Premium / Amplifiers / Mono-Blocks.

Fidelity wrote: "...the new "e" generation rests on stable, sonically excellent feet from Alto-Extremo. The 65 watts at 8 ohms make music amazingly dynamic and stable...those who do not get goose bumps at what the Valvet mono amps offer in terms of drive, transparency and clarity at this point should urgently make an appointment to see a doctor..."

Considering the Valvet A4e are entirely hand-made in Germay and still priced below $10k, winning the Premium Amplifer catagory is a great achievement. Congratulations Knut! 

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