New Award: Aurorasound's VIDA Mk.II receives Best of 2023 Award from AudioKeyReviews

Aurorasound VIDA Mk.II - Best of 2023 Award by AudioKeyReviews
Winner of Best of 2023 Award.

Kermit Heartsong of AudioKeyReviews writes:

"...the Aurorasound VIDA MK.II phono stage is simply a wonderful piece of playback gear. It had no flaw that I could put my finger on, sonically or ergonomically. It looks amazing, is built with precision and craft, and has more features than most vinyl enthusiasts are accustomed to. Clearly, founder and designer Shinobu Karaki's 30 years of experience with Sony and Texas Instruments has paid off in his circuit designs. The real wood enclosure, which can also be ordered in black, is the icing on the cake..."

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