New arrival: Aurorasound PREDA TBSP Preamplifier

Aurorasound PREDA TBSP Pre Amplifier
With the release of the new VIDA Supreme and the PREDA TBSP, Karaki-san pushes the envelope and elevates his product line to a whole new level.

The new PREDA TBSP (True Balanced Signal Path - not tablespoon :)) is packed with cutting edge technology and another step up from the acclaimed standard PREDA.

The design is fully balanced from top to bottom. Single ended input signals through the RCA inputs are processed and converted to balanced signals.

A complete Aurorasound system with VIDA Supreme phono stage, PREDA TBSP preamp and PADA poweramp is set up in our demo showroom and already making beautiful music. Call for an appointment or CLICK HERE for more information.

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