New arrival: Valvet E3s Class-A solid-state, single-ended, dual-mono power amp

Valvet E3s single-ended solid-state dual-mono amplifier
We're glad to announce the arrival of the successor and brand new version of the well-loved German handmade Valvet E2 amplifier - the Valvet E3s.

The improvements of the new model include:
A new powerful 500VA transformer, a carbon lid, new and better (audiophile) resistors, silver wiring, Mundorf MCap Evo Oil caps, discrete Class-A OP-amps in the driver stage, WBT NextGen connectors (copper), Alto-Extremo Exact feet, Audiophile fuse pre-installed. MSRP is $4,490.

CLICK HERE for more information or to place your order.
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