New arrival: Synergistic Research 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Power Cords of power cords...

Synergistic's new 25th Anniversary Power Cords arrived. This is not just a power cords. We think this can be considered as Ted Denney's masterpiece. The improvement only one of these cables can make in an entire system is mind blowing. 

The SR25 has a linear electromagnetic cell in the form of a handmade pure silver ribbon laminate that runs the length of the cable with two electromagnetic cells inside the carbon fiber housing. The conductors are pure mono crystal silver totaling 6 gauge. Only 100 units of the SR25 cords will be made.

The price is steep and only a few privileged music lovers can afford it. We are very honored to be authorized to offer this outstanding product.  Already in stock, shipping right away! CLICK HERE for more info and make sure to watch the videos.   
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