New arrival: Nasotec LST X-GEN Preamp with LDR (Light Depended Resistors)

Nasotec LST X-GEN Preamp
After 15 years of work, the fruition of Nasotec's efforts has finally come to fruition with the introduction of the brand-new LST X-GEN LDR preamplifier. This preamplifier boasts various features, including an LDR-based optical volume control, an LDR-based switchless input board, the absence of amplification circuits, and ultra-low loss audio signal transmission, powered by 5V USB. 

The input board and volume control of the LST X-GEN offer an unprecedented level of signal purity by utilizing Light Dependent Resistors (LDRs) as the sole components, in contrast to typical circuits that introduce signal degradation and noise from various components along the signal path. North American MSRP is $4699.

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