New arrival & review: Synergistic Research Foundation Phono Cables

Synergistic Research Foundation Cable SeriesSynergistic Research has extended the FOUNDATION Cable Series with Phono Cables starting with $699. Jonathan Valin of TAS reviewed the Foundation line and awarded it with the "Top 50 Bargain 2019" award.
TAS wrote (November 2019): "...Jonathan Valin wasn't expecting much- and certainly not this much-from Synergistic Research's immensely pliable, bargain-basement Foundation Series interconnects and cables, which are far slimmer, lighter, and less sophisticated in design than their rich relatives, the superb Galileo SXes. But, trust him, sonically the Foundations come way closer than shouting distance to the Galileos...the Foundation Series is the best budget-priced wire Jonathan Valin has heard-and one of his references..." 

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