Marigo CD Mat wins StereoTimes Most Wanted Component Award 2016

Marigo CD Mat - StereoTimes Most Wanted Component 2016 Award Dave Allison, The StereoTimes (Jan. 2017):
"...for those of us who still buy/play/rip physical media, this is a must try.  First, and perhaps most important, it’s as close to a universal CD/SACD/DVD/Blue Ray damper as you’ll find.  All previous mats I’ve used in my two very finicky transports have been chewed up and/or spit out.  The Clear Transformation is so thin and flexible that you’ll get no complaints from your player.  Sonically, it does away with digital artifacts while enhancing the richness and detail of your music.  At $199, it’s the least expensive digital accessory you’ll find that really makes a difference. Unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee from Marigo..."
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