New arrival: Aurorasound PADA hybrid power amplifier

Aurorasound PADA hybrid power amplifier

We're very glad to announce a brand new product from our Partner in Japan - the very innovative Aurorasound PADA hybrid power amplifier.

The amplifier takes advantage of both worlds - with a solid state input/driver stage and a tube output stage.

The PADA utilizes replicas of the legendary Telefunken EL34 tubes in push-pull configuration with an output of 43 watts per channel and can also handle KT-150 tubes. The inter-stage transformer is made by FineMet and the output transformers are made by Lundahl in Sweden. Inputs are both single ended and fully balanced. The housing is made from solid wood and 8mm aluminum. The sound is very organic, with weight and lots of details, vocals are to die for. The PADA touches immediately every listeners heart. Call for an appointment and listen yourself...
CLICK HERE to check it out.

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