StereoTimes' Most Wanted Component Award 2015 - Synergistic Research Atmosphere

StereoTimes' Most Wanted Component 2015 AwardAward No.4 goes to...

Mike Girardi, The StereoTimes, wrote:
"’s rare to find a tweak that is not in the signal path to have such a profound effect on music reproduction. Once you hear the Atmosphere and how it can affect the music and the listener, you’ll be hard pressed to take it out of your system. Adding the ATM adds improves upon the original intent by adding Advanced Settings which further elevates the overall performance. The combination of the Atmosphere and ATM delivers on its promised performance and showed itself as an essential upgrade to my reference system. Now with the Atmosphere and ATM in my system to stay, critical music listening is possible day or night. Highly recommended." CLICK HERE for more information

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