New arrival: HANA - brand new and very affordable MC cartridges from Japan


Hana MC CartridgeJust arrived and brand new: Hana Moving Coil cartridges from Japan. Hana (華) means "brilliant and gorgeous". Hana cartridges are produced by Excel Sound Corporation of Tokyo Japan, an established 50-year old company specialized in OEM cartridge manufacturing. Available in 4 models:
 - Elliptical tip with low and high output (EL & EH)
 - Shibata tip with low and high output (SL & SH)

The low output is 0.5mV and high output is 2mV. EH and SH cartridges are usable with most MM phono inputs. The prices are almost too good to be true. Hana EL & EH retail for $400 and Hana SL & SH for $650. This is a very down to earth price for a great performing product. CLICK HERE to check it out.  

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