StereoTimes Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Show Report

Voxativ 9.87 System Loudspeakers


Clement Perry of The StereoTimes wrote:

"...High-end Electronic's Alfred Kainz had another excellent sounding high-end rig this year. Sweet and delicate with full and quick-footed bass had me captivated for nearly an hour. Ultimately, I spent more time than I wanted in this suite compliments of some pretty impressive components that included the Voxativ 9.87 speaker system ($35k), replete with the AC-4d wideband driver and bass extender (not subwoofer!) and powered by the Voxativ 845 mono amp ($17k) and PA-01 tubed pre/phonostage ($9,900). Analogue source was DPS-2 turntable ($4,400) using the classy ViV Lab Rigid Float arm ($6,400) using a Shun Mook Reference 2 cartridge ($6,000). Digital play came by way of the marvelous sounding TotalDAC D1 Music Server ($5k) and D1 tube DAC ($10k). I was quite intrigued by the Pranawire Linebacker SE AC conditioner ($3000) and High Fidelity CT-1 AC cables. Voxativ interconnects and speaker cables were used throughout ($1,500 and $2,000 respectively)."

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