Stereophile RMAF Showreport for the Voxativ room

Voxativ at the Rocky Mountain Audio FestJason Victor Serinus of Stereophile wrote:

"Voxativ may be one of the only companies in the high-end whose equipment list is designed as a flow chart. The visual presentation seems entirely apt, given how beautifully music flowed through the eye-catching and soul-pleasing Voxativ 9.87 system loudspeakers with its AC-4d wideband driver and bass extension ($34,900/pair).

This truly superior system excelled in communicating the life and beating heart behind the notes. Listening to Agnes Obel via Tidal, I heard beautiful sonorities distinguished by open highs, a superb midrange, and deep bass. Nor did the voice of Cassandra Wilson on "Strange Fruit" possess anything other than a special and wondrous beauty. Switching to analog, a fabulous recording of the Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio's Live at the Misty excelled in its percussive impact. I wouldn't call this system totally neutral—it had a special shine to it, as would a jewel that had been buffed and polished to perfection—but it was supremely musical and drop-dead seductive.

Doing the rest of the honors: the world premieres of Voxativ's 845 tube monoblocks ($17,500/pair) and PA-01 preamp with MC phono ($9900); totaldac's D1 music server ($5000) and D1 tube DAC ($10,000); and, for the analog front end, the dps-2 turntable ($4400) with ViV Lab Rigid Float 7/CB tonearm ($6400) and Shun Mook Reference 2 cartridge ($6000)."
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