Hello from the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015

Vaxativ at the RMAF 2015

We arrived safe, but not without incidents, in Denver at this years Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Room Nr.1 is set-up and ready for visitors.

Come by room 9022 and listen to a great Voxativ system. We put the following system together: Voxativ 9.87 system speakers, Voxativ 845 single ended mono blocks, Voxativ PA-01 tube preamp with MC phono, Voxativ signal and speaker cables, totaldac DAC & music server, dps turntable with ViV Lab tonearm and Shun Mook reference 2 cartridge. Power cables come from High Fidelity Cables and power conditioning from Pranawires. The component stand is from Gregitek and the amp stands from Langerton. Voxativ's mastermind, Holger Adler, is on site and will answer all your questions.

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