New review: Synergistic Research Atmosphere Level 4 Cables

Synergistic Research Atmosphere Cable Level 4 PFO review

Robert S. Youman, Positive Feedback Online, June 2015:

"...the Atmosphere cable affords us a huge sound stage that reaches out in all directions of the recording venue. The level of transparency and breath taking transient speed is impressive.."

"...there is a tremendous depth and separation between the musicians. The weight and authority of the orchestra comes through in a dramatic fashion like the real thing. Strings are particularly rich and vibrant with plenty of jump factor. Another winner from the original Decca team, yet the Atmosphere interconnects and speaker cable can double your pleasure"

" of my go to cables is the Synergistic Research Element CTS. Active shielding is an important design feature of this series. They consistently provide some the most engaging music that I have experienced. The UEF active shield tuning circuits add that last bit of flexibility that can help you voice your cable to specific system needs. Build quality and performance from top to bottom are tough to equal… Substituting the Atmosphere Level 4 for the CTS Element was a considerable step up. I was surprised by the results as the price points of the Atmosphere series is appreciably less than that of the Element series..."

"...better sound for less money from the same manufacturer? My goodness, how often does this happen?"

"...compared to the CTS Element, which was one of my well established benchmarks, the Atmosphere Level 4 is now the new gold standard in this price range and significantly beyond. There are several flagship cables at two to three times the MSRP that have been left in their tracks. I predict that the competition will soon be scratching their heads and scrambling for better answers..."

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