Amazing deal for all audiophiles - BIG SAVINGS on Voxativ's Ampeggio Signature speakers

Voxativ Ampeggio Signature

We have 5 pairs of the award-winning and highly regarded Voxativ Ampeggio Signature in high gloss piano black available for only $19,800 with full warranty. A slight cosmetic flaw makes these Voxativ Ampeggio Signature speakers an amazing deal for all audiophiles. This woodworking error is strictly cosmetic and is not a crack or a structural weakness.

Normally the joint of the molding on the left and right side of the speakers (1 inch), where two pieces of wood come together is kitted before the finish is done, causing the two pieces to look like one continuous piece. In this case, the woodworker neglected to fill in the seam between the two pieces of molding, which wasn't noticed until after the black piano finish was already on the speakers.

This minute visual difference makes these Voxativ Ampeggio Signature speakers cost $19,800 instead of the usual price of $33,000. 

There are only five pairs of these special offer speakers available worldwide, so act soon to take advantage of this amazing savings. CLICK HERE to check it out.
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