New review: Scansonic MB-2.5 Floor Standing Loudspeakers...

The very first review for Scansonic's mid-line speakers, the MB-2.5 is out. It confirms what we think, the Scansonic speakers have way more of Raidho's DNA then the very affordable prices would suggest. 

Alan Sicrom, Hi-Fi Plus (UK) April 2015, concluded:
" won’t find anything close to doing what the MB‑2.5 do for the money. They have enough of the Raidho genetic code to sound like Raidho, but not enough to stop a prospective Raidho owner from changing their mind... That’s the big thing about the Scansonic MB‑2.5, there are those who’ve heard what Raidho do and love it, but hate the price. They simply cannot or will not make that kind of financial commitment on a pair of loudspeakers, no matter how good. Those people will see the Scansonic range as a golden opportunity. It brings them much of what the Raidho speakers offer in a more affordable, more approachable package. Very highly recommended!" Check out the entire review

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