New review: Wall Audio Opus 88 tube pre-amp with phono-stage...

Wall Audio Opus 88 tube pre-amp with phono-stage

Wall Audio's Opus 88  tube pre-amp w/phono-stage was reviewed in the latest issue of the German high-end magazine Image HiFi.

Imre Ibrahim concluded: "...I don’t know of any other pre-amp in the price range under $6000 that has been produced with such high quality work, parts and careful attention to detail. The resulting sound proves that the designer is right. If you’re searching for an honest, affordable pre-amp, don’t have a huge fleet of components in your system, call vinyl your own and - if you value the sound of dynamics and neutrality,  but still don’t want to give up a touch of tubes, then you should definitely put the Wall Audio Opus 88 on the shortlist of your candidates. If you don’t, you’re making a mistake..."

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