Rave review for the German hand-made Wall Audio M33 SET mono blocks


We are glad to announce a rave review the German hand-made Wall Audio M33 SET mono blocks received. The amps were reviewed at Matej Isak's "Mono & Stereo high-end audio magazine".
Kenneth Jensen (Mono & Stereo) concluded: "...the build quality is superb. They seem like they could last a life time and look pretty darn good too...to sum it up. Its the first time in 20 years I've been found of SET amplifiers. And in such a degree that I’ve kept them and they are now my new reference at home leaving some much more expensive amplifier in the dust! Cause I won’t be going back to using what I’ve had. They are that good! ...I can full heartedly recommend these amplifiers with confidence to everybody who wants to try out SET amps. They are to say at least quit cheap compared to what you get. And must be looked at as a bargain in the triode world! Highly recommended. And put up for the component of the year award in my eyes!" 

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