Voxativ 9.87 Speakers awarded Jonathan Valin's "Best Sound of the Show"

Voxativ 9.87 System at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach

Voxativ 9.87 Speakers' room 317 is one of a three-way tie chosen by Jonathan Valin as his "Best Sound of the Show  (price notwithstanding)" at T.H.E. Show Newport 2016. The Voxativ speakers are in good company, with two other German imports from Gauder Akustik and Cessaro. The 9.87's were previously honored with the Six Moons Blue Moon Award in 2015.

Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound wrote:
"...neutral and absolutely seamless, the 9.87 (along with Voxativ’s Ampeggio Due) is simply the fullest-range, most natural-sounding one-way (or augmented one-way) I’ve ever heard. And once you’ve heard a speaker without a crossover that is this good, it makes everything else sound just the slightest bit cobbled together from parts. No, you’re not going to get the dynamic range of a horn speaker from the 9.87, nor quite the same resolution or treble extension that you get from the Gauder, but what you are going to get is true point-source imaging and a sound that doesn’t change a jot in timbre from octave to octave..."

CLICK HERE to check out Jonathan Valin's show report.

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