New product release: Synergistic Research UEF BLACK Duplex

Synergistic Research BLACK UEF DuplexThe new Synergistic Research UEF Black Duplex uses the same technology as Synergistic's world class SR Black Quantum Fuses. That means the same sound you get with their Black fuse can be had in a new state-of-the-art AC Duplex. The same ultra black backgrounds, the same holographic soundstaging, the same low frequency weight and control and the same linear and refined highs without a trace of hardness despite their extreme resolution.  Just like the well-loved Tesla Plex receptacle, the UEF BLACK Duplex is Quantum Tunnled with 2 Million Volts, but in addition it uses Graphene and UEF coating.

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Buy 2 UEF BLACK Duplex and receive 1 BLACK Quantum Fuse of your choice FREE. That's a value of $119.95 resp. $129.95 absolutely FREE. CLICK HERE for more info or to place your order.

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