New product release: Voxativ's Fullrange Hybrid Fieldcoil Driver AC-Xh

Voxativ Fullrange Hybrid Fieldcoil Driver AC-Xh

The brand new AC-Xh is a hybrid fieldcoil driver with an additional Neodymium magnet.

The coil housing is manufactured from a cobalt iron alloy (Permadur) that has special magnetic characteristics.

With a value of max. 2.4T cobalt iron alloys have the highest saturation polarization of all the known soft magnetic alloys.

Combined with a Neodymium ring magnet this unit delivers 24,000 Gauss in a 10mm magnet gap - the strongest magnet motor ever build. The suspension of the AC-Xh is made from goat leather that will stand for a minimum of 20 years. Actually a stroke of 10mm is possible. This is combined with a cone made of real wood. Not only the strongest driver out there, but also the best and most expensive we know of. The pair retails for US$65,000.  
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