Wall Audio OPUS 88 Pre Amplifier

Wall Audio

$5,950.00 USD 

Wall Audio OPUS 88 tube pre-amp with MM/MC phono

Externally fitting with Wall Audios other audio components (azure blue display, Wall Audio typical simple and elegant design, remote volume control), our new preamplifier OPUS 88 has celebrated its premiere at the hi-fi days in Hamburg in February 2012.

Because of its special, unique sound quality and fine dynamics OPUS 88 became within a very short time an audience magnet whose presentations regularly made sure that the capacity of the projection room reached its limits.

In short: OPUS 88 is the perfect result of Wall Audios over 30 years of research and experience in the audio field.

One particular feature of this model is the technology of the rectifier tubes, otherwise the possibility of anode voltage regulation provides maximum clean power. Another important feature is the phono stage with MC / MM input, that pleases particularly analogue audiophiles.

Inputs 1 x MM - 47KOhm, 2.5mV@ 0.777mV
1 x MC Low/Mid/High level
2 x Line CD and AUX
Frequency Response 20Hz-100Khz@3dB
Distortion 0.1%
S/Noise Line 80dB, 0dB output | Phono MM – 55dB | Phono MC – 70dB
RIAA 0.2dB@20Hz-20Khz
Tubes Phono 2 x ECC82 | 4 x ECC83
Tubes Line 2 x ECC82 | 2 x ECC83
Tube Power Supply 1 x ECC82 | 1 x EF80 | 1 x 6C19 | 1 x EZ80
Size/Weight Preamp 43cm x 8cm x 32cm, 10kg
Size/Weight Power Supply 15cm x 8cm x 25cm, 6kg
Power Consumption 60VA
Front Panel OFF/ON, Input Selector, Balance, Motor Volume Potentiometer


Brad Morrical, Positive Feedback (July 2016):
"...the Wall Audio Opus 88 is a finely crafted and superbly performing music making machine. It mates a highly resolving, tonally inviting, precise imaging line stage with an equally compelling phono stage for a price that would be difficult to beat with a separate line and phono stage costing double the price of the Opus 88..." Check out the entire review

Amre Ibrahim, Image Hifi (April 2015):
"...I don’t know of any other pre-amp in the price range under $6000 that has been produced with such high quality work, parts and careful attention to detail. The resulting sound proves that the designer is right. If you’re searching for an honest, affordable pre-amp, don’t have a huge fleet of components in your system, call vinyl your own and - if you value the sound of dynamics and neutrality,  but still don’t want to give up a touch of tubes, then you should definitely put the Wall Audio Opus 88 on the shortlist of your candidates. If you don’t, you’re making a mistake..." Check out the entire review

 Thomas Schmidt, LP-Magazin (Dec. 2012):
"...der Wall Audio OPUS 88 ist unter den Röhrenvorverstärkern einer, der es meisterhaft versteht, vermeintlich röhrentypische Schwächen zu vermeiden und gleichzeitig alle ihre Stärken mit Fulminanz und Verve auszuspielen..." Check out the entire review

"...ich möchte es kurz machen – ich bin begeistert und liebe meinen OPUS 88, der hervorragend zu meiner Anlage passt. Vor allem das Phonoteil ist unbeschreiblich, wie im Test der LP geschrieben 'zum Niederknien'. Ich würde sagen, mit meinem Nottingham, Graham 2.2 und Nagaoka MP 500 ist er eine Traumkombination!!!"

"...ich bin also mit dem OPUS 88 im Musik-Himmel gelandet."

"...ich habe noch nie zuvor in meinem Leben eine Musikübertragungsanlage gehört, die von einer so hohen akustischen und musikalischen Qualität ist, wie derzeit meine – und ich habe in meinem Leben schier unzählige Anlagen gehört. Dein Vorverstärker harmoniert optimal mit Deinen Mono – Endstufen wie auch zusammen mit den anderen Komponenten meiner Anlage, also auch mit meinen eigenen Vollbereichs – Schallwandlern..."

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