Wall Audio OPUS 33 SET Integrated Amplifier

Wall Audio

$8,950.00 USD 

Wall Audio OPUS 33 SET Integrated Tube Amplifier

An amplifier for all your senses – single-ended triode (SET) topology.

The SET (single ended triode) – OPUS 33 SET amplifier uses no feedback and usually works in Class A, but offers the feature called ECO Mode.

If the user listens to music from a source such as radio, television, mp3-player or internet, it is possible to switch from Class A to Class B using the ECO button. This affects energy saving and increases the life (emission) and performance of the tubes, which are less heavily used in this mode.

Special features:

  • Point to Point Technology
  • Internal silver ribbon insulated wiring
  • No global or local feedback
  • Automatic stabilized bias current of power tube
  • Hand-made in Germany
Tubes 6C33S Power Triode | ECC82 and 6H30
Power 15W @ 4/8Ohm Inductor/Choke
Frequency Response 10Hz-80Khz@0.5dB
Output 35W / 4-8 Ohm rated power per channel
Input 0.770 mV
Power consumption 250W – ECO Modus 160W
Dimension (WxDxH) 430 x 380 x 155 mm
Weight 33 kg
Shipping Weight 37 kg


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