Wall Audio OPUS 120 PH Phono Stage

Wall Audio

$7,080.00 USD 


Wall Audio OPUS 120 PH tube MM/MC phono stage

The OPUS 120 PH is the extrapolation of the development of the OPUS 88. The load configuration MM and MC can be changed comfortably on the front side.

The OPUS 120 PH possesses the same tube power supply as OPUS 88, which assures the well-renowned and up to date unrivalled quality of sound.

Inputs MM Input 47KOhm, 2,5mV@0,777mV; RC Selector Load (C) 47pF; 100pF: 220pF; 470pF (R) Load 100KOhm; 47KΩ; 33KΩ; 15KΩ
MC Input Selector Load (R) 10Ω; 30Ω; 100Ω; 200Ω; 470Ω 1000Ω
Frequency Response 20Hz-100Khz@3dB
Distortion 0.1%
S/Noise Phono MM – 55dB | Phono MC – 70dB
RIAA 0.2dB@20Hz-20Khz
Tubes Phono 6 x ECC82, RCA Output
Tubes Output 2 x ECC82 - Mono/Stereo, Phase 0/180° switch
Tube Power Supply 1 x ECC82 | 1 x EF80 | 1 x 6C19 | 1 x EZ80/EZ81
Size/Weight Preamp 43cm x 8cm x 32cm, 12kg
Size/Weight Power Supply 15cm x 8cm x 25cm, 6kg
Power Consumption 60VA
Front Panel OFF/ON, Input Selector, MC Selector, MM Selector, Mono/Stereo Selector, Phase Selector


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