Wall Audio OPUS 100 SYM Pre Amplifier

Wall Audio

$6,750.00 USD 

Wall Audio OPUS 100 SYM tube pre-amp with MM/MC phono

After two years of absolute success we are now proud to enlarge our range with a further model: Our novelty OPUS 100 is mainly addressed to customers emphasizing on a symmetric liaison between pre- and power amplifier.

High-class studio transformers enable the sending of a symmetric and well balanced signal, assuring a non-dissipative signal sending and connection between pre- and power amplifier over longer distance. Furthermore, OPUS 100 also possesses a chinch output, allowing a more universal application.

The new model is free connected and possesses the same tube power supply as OPUS 88, which assures the well-renowned and up to date unrivalled quality of sound.

Inputs 1 x MM - 47KOhm, 2.5mV@ 0.777mV
1 x MC Low/Mid/High level
2 x Line CD and AUX
Frequency Response 20Hz-100Khz@3dB
Distortion 0.1%
S/Noise Line 80dB, 0dB output | Phono MM – 55dB | Phono MC – 70dB
RIAA 0.2dB@20Hz-20Khz
Tubes Phono 2 x ECC82 | 4 x ECC83
Tubes Line 2 x ECC82 | 2 x ECC83
Tube Power Supply 1 x ECC82 | 1 x EF80 | 1 x 6C19 | 1 x EZ80
Size/Weight Preamp 43cm x 8cm x 32cm, 10kg
Size/Weight Power Supply 15cm x 8cm x 25cm, 6kg
Power Consumption 60VA
Front Panel OFF/ON, Input Selector, Balance, Motor Volume Potentiometer


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