Walker Audio Valid Points

Walker Audio

$450.00 USD 

Sleek, sexy, sonically-superior, Valid Points... No system can sound its best until resonances are under control. To achieve the "magic" that your system is capable of, resonance control is a must.

We were stunned by what we heard from this shape of Valid Points cones. If you haven't tried Valid Points, here is your chance to get the most beautiful and effective resonance control system yet. If you already know what Valid Points can do, find out what more your system can give by trying these new points.

Where to start?
Resonance between components can be additive or subtractive. Therefore, it is necessary for the two most critical components to be treated first, at the same time. Here are the most critical components for each system type.

  • Analog: The turntable and pre-amp or phono amp and pre-amp
  • Digital: The transport or CD player and pre-amp
  • Video: The video player and processor

What's next?
Amplifiers and remote power supplies are the next most critical components, followed by DA converters, active crossovers, shelves, racks and speakers.

What to expect?
The improvement in the sound will be amazing. The sound stage will have greater width, depth, detail, bass, speed, extension, and focus.

Walker Audio Valid Points come in two kits

The Standard Kit
includes three 2-inch cones with five resonance control discs - recommended for most components and speakers

The Super Tuning Kit
included three 2-inch cones with five resonance control discs, plus four extra 1-inch control discs. The 1-inch discs can be used on top of all components, including speakers, shelves, racks and power supplies

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