Walker Audio Eliminator Directional Antennae

Walker Audio

$275.00 USD 

Walker Audio Eliminator Directional Antennae

Don’t let this deceptively simple product fool you. The Eliminator picks up EMI, RFI and stray ambient electrical noise near your system and prevents them from affecting the music signal.  With the Eliminator, instruments and vocals will be better focused - the sound stage will be deeper and more refined. Harmonics will be cleaner and sweeter sounding, with stronger bass that has more impact. We recommend a full complement of Eliminators – at your amplifier, preamp and turntable (if you own one) for maximum results.

Available in three different versions - for Amplifiers, Turntables and Pre-amps / Line Stages. 

For Pre-amps and Line Stages ($450):

The latest innovation, the Eliminator RCA is a pair of high speed directional antennae for your preamp or line stage. This version of the very popular Eliminator is the easiest, most effective product yet!  Walker Audio long considered this application of the Eliminator but procrastinated for over a year.  Everyone who has tried them is going crazy over them. “How can something so deceptively simple work so well” they want to know.  The Eliminators with RCAs are super easy to install and will make a huge improvement in your sound

For Power Amplifiers ($275):

The Eliminator-A is a pair of  high speed directional antennae for your amplifiers made of pure silver wire with pure silver spades at one end of each wire. The spade ends go to the negative (- black) binding posts of your amplifier. The Eliminator wire has been tested for directionality and treated cryogenically with a deep immersion process.

For Turntables ($145):

The Eliminator-T is one high speed directional antennae made of pure silver wire with pure silver spades at one end. The spade end goes to the ground post of your turntable. Turntable owners can use the Eliminator on both your turntable and phono amplifiers at the same time to counteract the effect of ambient and system-generated noise on your system.

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