Walker Audio E-SST Extreme Super Silver Treatment

Walker Audio

$185.00 USD 

Walker Audio E-SST - Extreme Super Silver Treatment
Most contact treatments on the market are either cleaners or lubricants. They are not conductive. E-SST/SST is highly conductive and must be applied with care according to directions. E-SST/SST will dramatically improve the sound and/or video of any system. The highs will be more extended, cleaner, clearer and better focused. The mid-range will be more transparent with more articulation and detail, yet without harshness or glare. The bass will be stronger, tighter, and quicker. The soundstage will take on a more natural presence. With video systems, the sound improvement will be matched by the improvements to the video. Look for a cleaner, more three-dimensional picture.

BUT CAUTION! Use at your own risk. Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding. E-SST/SST is highly conductive. If you bridge the gap between hot and ground with E-SST/SST, you run the risk of damaging your system. Used as directed. E-SST/SST can be removed by using a clean cotton swab or one of the unused applicators dipped in alcohol, fingernail polish remover, or contact cleaner.

Treating Interconnects
Use one of the supplied applicators to apply a very small amount of E-SST/SST to the male end of the interconnect. Spread it thinly on about ½ or ¾ of the length of the center pin. Apply E-SST/SST to the outside only of the female end in a thin even coat. Now, plug in your interconnect and listen. On XLR interconnects, apply to male pins only. DO NOT put the applicator into the RCA or you will short it out.

Treating Power Cords
Apply a thin even coat of E-SST/SST to the male ends only. Cover both sides of the pins about half the length of the pins. On the I.E.C. male end at the component, do the same. Use only a very small amount. Do not over-apply.

Treating Speaker Cables
Apply a thin even coat of E-SST/SST to the contact area of the spades or bananas.

Treating Tubes
We experienced a big improvement when we applied E-SST/SST to the pins of the tubes in our amplifiers. We suggest cleaning the pins with fine sandpaper in the direction on the pins. Clean with a contact cleaner, then apply a thin, even coat of E-SST/SST to about 2/3 the length of the male pin.

Video/Other Uses
E-SST/SST works great on video connectors. Apply to the male pins and the outside of female connectors. E-SST/SST also works on fuses and any contact device.


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