WA Quantum Chips

WA Quantum

$54.00 USD 

WA-Quantum  from Berlin, Germany is a manufacturer of high technology products. Among their products are this line of “Chips” operating at a sub-atomic Quantum level, which improve the efficiency of current flow and signal transmission in audio devices including fuses, capacitors, phono cartridges and tonearms, transformers, transducers, loudspeakers and audio cables.

In each case the Chip is mounted on an adhesive backing which can be attached to the device. The Chips are “programmed” for their specified applications.

The WA-Quantum Chips are available for the following applications:

  • TT/Headshell/Tonearm Chip 5mm $10.00/ea
    on top of cartridge and/or cartridge end of tonearm
  • Capacitor Chip 5mm $10.00/ea
    for small capacitors
  • Capacitor Chip 20mm $28.00/ea
    for large capacitors
  • Transformer/Transducer/Coil Chip 20mm $28.00/ea
    for use on transformers, inductors, speaker drivers
  • Cable Chip $54.00/ea
    apply to one end of cable near connector
  • Cable Chip Set/5 (Special Price) $199.00/set of 5
    apply to one end of cable near connector
  • Loudspeaker Chips $129.95/pr
    place anywhere on the cabinet
  • Power Chip $99/ea 
    place anywhere on AC conditioner, strips and circuit breakers
  • Semiconductor Chip $12.50/ea 
    use on all types of integrated circuits from DAC chips to op-amps

Special chips are also available for use with both electronic and acoustic musical instruments.

    Most Wanted Component Award 2012, StereoTimes, January 2013: 
    "...I have had time only to try this Power Chip only on the HB PowerSlave, but there it is miraculous. The sound with it has more punch, detail, sweetness, and is very musical. Never have I had this level of music reproduction... Like other WA-Quantum Chips, the Power Chip will stay in my system..."

    Norm Luttbeg, StereoTimes September 2012:
    "...their impact on the sound was just spectacular! I just sat and listened to all my sample cuts as well as many, many other albums." Check out the review

    Mike Silverton, StereoTimes August 2012:
    "...I’ve applied and removed the chips often enough to be as sure as I’ll ever be that they’re effective. Since I’m so tickled by what they accomplish I’m reluctant to wear them out with further, quite unnecessary, on-off comparisons. Given a decent recording, they bring life to the occasion..."

    Clement Perry, StereoTimes April 2012:
    "In essence, the overall presence and transparency of my big rig has been improved by the inclusion of the WA Quantum Speaker Chips. At $130.00 a pair, I consider these a steal..."

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