Voxativ Ampeggio Tube Pre Amplifier


$23,880.00 USD 

Voxativ has saved no effort to develop this perfect matching unit for the 845 mono power amplifiers.

A sonic revelation with a separate power supply and NOS RCA tubes.

The Ampeggio preamp uses a solid state rectification, no choke and a complete regulation of all voltages with tubes.

The way though is completely without any components except the output capacitors by Mundorf.

This preamp is very dynamic and loves details. Instead of a potentiometer, a attenuator with Vishay resistors and motor remote control is used.

Also implemented is an excellent MC phono stage with Lundahl transformers that uses the 4 tubes on the right.

    Line preamp:

    • Frequency response:    5Hz – 80kHz -0.3dB
    • THD:     0.06%
    • Input sensitivity:    1V RMS
    • Output:     2.2V RMS (6.8dB), max. 11V RMS
    • S/N ratio:     98dB
    • Channel balance:    0.2dB
    • Channel separation:    100dB
    • Noise:      -98db
    • Input impedance:    100 kOhm
    • Output impedance:    300 Ohm

    Phono preamp:

    • Input sensitivity:    MC 0.3mV RMS
    • Input impedance:    100 Ohm (MC-Transformer)
    • RIAA-curve:     +/- 0.3dB
    • Voltage:     230VAC/50Hz or 115VAC/60Hz
    • Power consumption:    max. 93VA
    • Weight:     10.5kg (preamp), 2.8kg (PSU)
    • Dimensions (WxDxH):     390x430x190mm (preamp), 120x210x82mm (PSU)

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