VALVET soulshine Trio


$10,990.00 USD 

VALVET soulshine Trio

Hand crafted near Hamburg in Germany, the soulshine Trio is a three part device. A line-stage (soulshine II), a phono-stage (PS2) and a four channel power supply (quad mono) for line- and phono-stage. Also new is a remote controlled volume control unit using Z-Foil resistors and pure silver wiring. The feet of all three devices are much improved, thanks to Alto-Extremo Exact vibration absorber feet. 

The soulshine Trio shows exceptional detail, plasticity and a deep and wide sound-stage. Everything is played on a black/still background. The listener hears no tube noise, but many tube virtues. Voices really have body, strings have the right fluidity, and an electric guitar sounds just like it should. Especially the harmony between silence and dynamics captivates the listener right away.
  Similar to the original soulshine with 4 line inputs and now 3 outputs using ECC82 and ECC99 tubes with only one Mundorf Silver/Gold/Oil capacitor per channel. The signal path is even shorter now and a brand new state-of-the-art volume control is incorporated.

The tube phono-stage PS2 provides two inputs (3 inputs optional) - one MC and one MM. Passive RIAA correction for unlimited dynamics. Pure silver MC step up transformers 1:10 to care for most MC-cartridges. 40dB of gain for MM (active using 4 valves) plus 20dB (passive using the 1:10 transformer)

The external quad mono power supply uses four powerful torodial core transformer and solid-state rectifiers, since this design has proven to be advantageous for the sound of the soulshine. No component-overkill, but perfect working conditions for the soulshine. All housing components are made of aluminum, between 2 und 12mm thick.
  • line inputs: 4 high level inputs, input impedance 100 KOhm, (3x RCA, 1x XLR)
  • amplification: 8x, 18dB, max. output > 50 Volts, output impedance 400 Ohm, 3 outputs OUT1/OUT2/OUT3 (2x RCA, 1x XLR)
  •  phono inputs: 1x MM (40db gain), 1x MC (60dB gain)
  • power supply: external solid state power supply, 4x 200VA
  • dimensions:
    - 444 x 80 x 306 mm (17.5 x 3.1 x 12 inches) WxHxD - Pre 
    - 444 x 80 x 306 mm (17.5 x 3.1 x 12 inches) WxHxD - Phono
    - 444 x 80 x 306 mm (17.5 x 3.1 x 12 inches) WxHxD - PSU
  • volume control:  64-step Z-Foil resistor switch
  • case: Aluminum, black anodized and powder coated
  • front: silver anodized or black anodized
  • sound: The soulshine II shows exceptional detail, plasticity and sound stage. Everything is played on a black/still backgound. The listener hears no tube noise, but many tube virtues. Voices really have body, strings have the right fluidity, and an electric guitar sounds just like it should. Especially the harmony between silence and dynamics captivates the listener right away
  • optional: Chrome front $600.00 (all three devices)

Valvet soulshine II - Stereoplay Golden Ear Award 2017

Reviews for soulshine / soulshine II:

Roland Kraft, Stereoplay, December 2016 concluded:

"...Valvets Soulshine 2 confirms an old audio tube adage in the most beautiful way: With a simple, but carefully designed tube circuit and good components one can hardly do anything wrong. To the contrary, with its exceptionally quiet background, the Valvet Soulshine 2 sculpts the individual elements of sound into a wonderfully large, constantly coherent soundscape, while at the same time, doesn’t conceal any of the well-known, well-loved tube characteristics. It doesn’t make the old mistake of many tube amps - playing too mushy and imprecise, but  always maintains the stability, even at high volumes and charms its listeners with its reference-level dynamic abilities. When called for, it can play with the biggest and best,  but can also capture even the most subtle nuances of delicate, transparent soundscapes. The Soulshine 2 manifests its velvety smoothness, as well as beautiful tone colors and life-like emotions from the very first minute on..."

Key Kim reviewed the A3.5 and soulshine for The Stereo Times December 2009
"...the new Valvet Block A3.5s are incredible sounding amps. It was hard to believe these were only 50 watts per channel. They drove my reference Conspiracy loudspeakers with great authority and power. The Valvets possess purity and remarkable transparency that allows them to provide an amazing musical experience. At $5.590.00, it’s a bargain! ...this preamp (soulshine) had a natural purity and open airy sound which brought me closer to music. Stay tuned for a full review" 

Review of A3.5/soulshine in the German magazine "Image HiFi" 02/2010 by Roland Kraft:
"...once they’ve warmed up to operating temperature, these seemingly insignificant audiophile amps fascinate the listener with stupendous transparence. In addition, a spacious sound stage with an impressive breadth immediately captivates the listener... the Valvet amps are agile, never strained, and always light-footed. They constantly create a fresh, clear - but never cold - breath of air, and at the same time easily concentrates on the essence that can hardly be described. The tubes and transistors complement each other perfectly, making an lasting impression that can hardly be equaled in this price class..."
 - read the entire  review (in German)

Review of A3.5/soulshine on "Positive Feedback Online" Issue 48 03/2010 by Robert Learner:
"...smooth, dynamic, lively, and organic. Tonal purity suggests straight-wire gain with a dash of inner glow. Soundstaging is precise in localization... Transients have snap and life, and decays are full-blooded, something I've come to associate with Class A electronics versus some other designs. There is none of the sterility I've heard with some other solid-state amps... haven't heard better for the money and certainly worse for more. These components have some magic, something past competence or even excellence and into the illusion of 'real'. You can find components that do this or that better in the price range, but none I've spent time with are as addictive. They get the essence of the music... The sound quality is not only that good, it's that true—park them on your rack for the next ten years and find other things to worry about."
 - read the entire  review

The review "Giant Killers" for A3.5/soulshine on "The StereoTimes" 06/2010 by Key Kim:
"...from the very first notes on the very first album, it was obvious that the Valvet combo was something special. In our age of hyper-priced imported components, it’s not just good sounding (even at just over $11k) The Valvet components are the real deal regardless of price.... They are giant-killers in that they provide the ultimate musical bliss without breaking one’s bank account. If you're looking for that really great sounding system that isn't stratospherically priced, then look no further than Valvet..."
 - read the entire  review

"...I was very impressed (awesome). Compared to some way more expensive gear, the Valvets (soulshine & A3.5) held their own in an excellent way. And for what they cost, I have to scratch my head and wonder..."

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