VALVET blocks P2 Tube Pre Amplifier


$5,490.00 USD 

VALVET blocks P2
Long-term, consistent pleasure
A simple, well thought-out circuit, short signal paths and the best, most reliable components guarantee that your favorite music reaches you directly, thus producing long-term pleasure and satisfaction! Employing valves in this circuit is not the norm in other brands. The design was chosen because with only one amplifying component per channel there is less technology to interfere with the music.

Sensations from the tube
The P2 Preamplifier operates with just one dual triode of the Type 6SN7 per channel. The circuit topology employed has a number of advantages: low distortion without feedback, excellent linearity and (for valves) low output impedance. With an external power supply (as standard with valve rectification), hum interference is ruled out. The inputs are switched using a precision rotary switch, and all signal paths are hand-wired with pure silver. The volume can be controlled by remote (Alps motorized pot).

The Preamplifier P2 offers 4 line inputs and phono input (MM - RIAA passive). The Preamplifier P2c has, in addition, an MC pure silver transformer.


  • inputs: 6 high level inputs (RCA), input impedance 100 kOhm
  • amplification: 45 db (Phono) plus 20 dB (Line), maximum output > 10 Volts, output impedance 2.5 kOhm (either OUT + REC or OUT 1 + OUT 2 for bi-amping)
  • additional MC pure silver transformer for blocks P2c
  • dimensions: 445 x 45 x 230 mm (17.5 x 1.8 x 9 inches) WxHxD - Pre-amp;
                        120 x 60 x 320 mm (4.7 x 2.35 x 12.6 inches) WxHxD - tube power supply
  • remote control: yes, volume control
  • volume control: Alps motorized potentiometer - optional 24-step switch (no surcharge)
  • case: black powder coated, steel base plate, the rest aluminum
  • front: 10 mm, silver anodized, deep chromed brass at extra charge
  • sound: not the dull valve sound of the 50s; but open, clear, dynamic with an impressive bass and gorgeous timbre
  • optional: 24-step resistor-ladder switch, WBT NexGen $75.00/pair, Chrome front $150.00, metal remote control $250.00

Review of P2c in the German magazine "Image HiFi" 03/2012 by Roland Kraft:
"...well, your P2c, Knut, does not behave in a linear way because it plays in heaven, it poaches in a league in which, given the price, it actually has no business to be in. In this league proper five-figure sums (in Euros!) are not only the norm, they usually are law and represent the entry gate to exalted sound pleasures. To secretly sneak into this league and upset the established pecking order is actually quite cheeky. But to keep this a secret amongst the circle of your ‘initiated’ customers is simply mean. Well, bad luck there, Knut. I am going to sing it from the mountains – without going crazy with further descriptions of the beautiful sound – and simply declare: for this kind of money, this is sensational, no ifs or buts! And further evidence for what I have been saying for ages: tubes rule!"
 - read the entire  review

Review of P2c/A3.5 in the UK magazine "HiFi+ Nr.76" 10/2010 by Jason Kennedy:
"...the P2c is a well built preamplifier that offers an awful lot of sound quality for the money, you will be hard pressed to equal it sonically with a better looking product. The A3.5 is by contrast very nicely cased and extremely engaging with enough grip to keep you rocking in the context of a relaxed and revealing demeanour. And I thought I didn’t like the sound of silver!"
 - read the entire  review

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