Synergistic Reaserch UEF Performance Elevators set/4

Synergistic Research

$399.00 USD 

Synergistic Research UEF Performance Elevators (Set of 4)

UEF Performance Elevators not only elevate your speaker cables from the floor, but they also dramatically improve fundamental aspects of system performance, including low-frequency weight and control, mid-range clarity, and high-frequency extension. Perhaps most dramatic is the effect on your system’s ability to portray soundstage scale with improvements in front to back and side to side image placement and variations in image height, all with a greater sense of the sound field wrapping around your listening position.

To make this possible, SR first experimented with several elevator materials, including wood, ceramic, and plexiglass. Ultimately aluminum was chosen for its musicality, neutral tonal balance, low-frequency weight, and high-frequency air. SR then experimented with multiple HFT variations (the red dot) to interact with a cable’s EM fields. Ultimately SR choose the HFT variant in Double-Blind Testing that brought out the most dramatic and musically satisfying results. UEF Performance Elevators do far more than elevate your cables from the floor; they raise up your entire system. So go ahead and audition UEF Performance Elevators against other cable elevators or make some yourself to compare and prepare to be amazed, guaranteed or your money back!

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Treated aluminum cable supports incorporating custom designed HFTs and other Synergistic Research UEF technology.

Price: $399 set of four

Dimension: 5 x 5 x 4.5 inches (WxHxD)

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