Synergistic Research UEF Acoustic PANELS

Synergistic Research

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TAS Product of the Year 2017 Award

Synergistic Research first developed UEF Acoustic Panels for recording studios and commercial applications where they are already being used by Grammy Award winning recording and mastering engineers.

UEF Acoustic Panels do not rely on traditional dampening, therefore they do not compress your system’s ability to create a holographic sound field. Experience music with breathtaking clarity and realism not possible from any other known acoustic treatment or DSP Room Correction.

UEF Acoustic Panels work by themselves or in tandem with traditional room treatments or with Synergistic Research's FEQ and Atmosphere Room Correction devices.




How to setup Synergistic Research UEF Panels

Level 1 through 3 each contain 4 UEF Acoustic Panels.

Level 1 consists of 1st panel centered on front wall approximately 4-5 feet from floor. 2nd and 3rd panel on the left and right side of front wall, 3 to 4 feet from the floor, 12” from the wall. 4th panel is center on back wall approximately 5-6 feet from floor.

Level 2 consists of 1st and 2nd panel on left and right side of front wall , approximately 5-6 feet from floor, touching or slightly off the side wall. 3rd and 4th panel on left and right wall, half way between speakers and listening position, 4-5 feet from floor.

Level 3 consists of 1st and 2nd Panel on back wall, approximately 6-7 feet from floor, touching or slightly off side wall. 3rd and 4th panel on left and right wall, slightly behind listening position, 3-4 feet from floor.

Watch SR's lead designer Ted Denney transform AV Showrooms listening studio with the new and nearly invisible UEF Acoustic DOTS. Also in the video SR's Black Box resonator array for controlling low frequency standing waves, Atmosphere XL field generator for calibrating room acoustics.

Synergistic Research transform's the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra's Bob Grossman's listening room. Watch the set up of the new UEF Acoustic Panels, UEF Acoustic DOTS and SR Black Box and Atmosphere XL to transform an already amazing listening room with impressions from Mr. Grossman himself.


12 7/8 inch wide x 17 11/16 inch tall (33cm x 45cm)


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