Synergistic Research Galileo UEF Digital USB Cable

Synergistic Research

$2,995.00 USD 

Galileo UEF Digital USB Cable: By Far The World’s Highest Performance USB Cable

Galileo UEF USB cables come equipped with a 2nd generation UEF filter to elevate your listening experience by removing digital noise and distortion from the signal path for pure effortless sound. Significant design improvements over our award winning Galileo LE USB cable include advanced UEF Shielding that replaces Active Shielding for a lower noise floor that rivals the best analogue playback. To this end we include our Ground Plane technology to remove static charge build up and for a direct path for noise shunt to ground, and not your DAC or your music. From streaming MP3s to full blown Quad DSD and everything in between, your digital music sounds like high resolution analog master tapes.

Refined perfection.

Galileo UEF Digital USB Cables utilize a 2nd generation UEF Filter encased in noise and vibration canceling carbon fiber. Made from Pure Silver and Graphene conductors with Teflon and Japanese Silk dielectrics, the EM Cell directly filters the shields and is inductively coupled to signal to eliminate noise from the digital stream for music that is pure and unrestrained.

Take control.

Fine tune your musical investment to perfectly match your taste and exceed your expectations. UEF Tuning Modules are connected directly to Galileo UEF cable shields and ground and work outside the signal path to contour the sound of your cables by changing the way your cables vibrate at the electron level. By altering the relationship between signal and ground vibrations, you take control of the sonic balance of your cables and in the process, the overall sound of your system. Silver UEF Tuning Modules are fast oscillators  that impart crystal clarity and refined detail, while Gold UEF Tuning Modules have a slower vibration for a sound that is warmer with more bloom, and in some systems, greater musicality. When combining both Silver and Gold UEF Tuning Modules in your system you can enjoy the best of both, for example, by selecting Silver on your Interconnects and Gold on your speaker cables.

Efficiency defined.

Galileo UEF USB is the World’s first digital cables to incorporate Graphene, a new, highly conductive wonder material that consists of a layer of pure carbon only a single molecule thick. One of the many reasons that Graphene is so exciting is that it is almost a superconductor. Superconductors are materials that can conduct electricity with almost no resistance when cooled to extremely low temperatures ranging from near absolute zero (-459.67°F or -273.15°C) to the temperature of liquid nitrogen (-140.8°F or -96°C). What makes Graphene so remarkable is that it can do this at room temperature.

Standard length of 1 meter with standard A/B termination is always in stock. Every other length or termination has to be ordered. Please allow 14 day factory lead-time.

The Absolute Sound - Product of the Year 2016

The Absolute Sound - Cable of the Year 2016

"...Ted Denney’s latest creations improve on the cumbersome ergonomics of his original Galileo multi-strand cables (which had to be plugged into and out of a multitude of boxes and actively biased via a plethora of wall-wart power supplies) by packaging most of that marvelous Synergistic technology into the cable itself. Better still, the Galileo UEFs significantly improve upon the truly stellar sonics of the original Galileos. Indeed, the UEFs are the best sounding wires Mr, Denney has yet devised, achieving a dead-center neutrality that is neither 'bottom-up' nor 'top-down' in tonal balance, without any sacrifice in natural warmth and timbre, resolution of detail, transient speed, dynamic power, imaging precision, or soundstage width, depth, and height. When you consider that the Galileo UEFs are also priced at one-third or one-quarter of what the original Galileos went for (and roughly one-tenth of what flagship cables and interconnects from certain other companies currently cost), you have a veritable bargain in ultra-high-end wire and a worthy TAS Interconnect and Speaker Cable of the Year Award winner..."

Review for the predecessor Galileo LE USB Cable 

Steven Plaskin of AudioStream wrote:
"...not only was the background deep black, but details emerged with a subtly that was somewhat startling... the soundstage from this cable was the largest I have yet heard from any USB cable... For those that are willing to spend the necessary funds to climb the mountain of sonic excellence, the Galileo LE USB cable resides at the pinnacle of USB cables..."

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AWARD - Reviewer's Choice Soundstage Ultra - Howard Kneller (09/2017)
"...Synergistic Research’s Galileo UEF interconnects and speaker cables are technical tours de force that demonstrate just how far the art of cable making has come since the Golden Enz days of electrical-grade copper conductors and connectors of gold-plated nickel. They serve as a reminder of three audiophile truths: the simplest circuit does not always sound the best, the highest-performing products are often not the most expensive, and despite all the amazing progress made, the art continues to advance..." 
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Mike Girardi, The StereoTimes (09/2017)
"...although the Atmosphere UEF Level 4 cables are excellent cables within their price point, the technology employed in the Galileo UEF cables significantly improved upon the performance of the Atmosphere UEF Level 4 cables. Inner detail, low level musical signal retention, and the ability for the listener to easily pinpoint outlines within a well-defined soundstage were exemplary through the Galileo UEF cables.  Instruments and vocals sounded lifelike and not electrically constructed through the Galileo UEF cables. The lower noise floor conferred many benefits in the areas of micro and macrodynamics which for me, is at the heart of enjoying recorded music… I have a new reference..."
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