Synergistic Research Galileo SX Power Cables

Synergistic Research

$6,000.00 USD 

Buy a pair of Galileo SX speaker cables and interconnects and receive a FREE Galileo SX power cable. That's a value of $6000 absolutely FREE.

Galileo SX Power Cables

SR applied their latest UEF Matrix Shielding, first developed for the Limited Edition SR25 power cables, for the single greatest improvement to Galileo SX's sound quality. By improving Active Shielding and Active EM Cell performance with Blue Fuse and SR25 technologies SR affect greater noise cancellation at the shields and ground while maintaining the AC Signal with a minimum of dielectric interaction for the most effortless and lifelike sound of any Galileo power cable to date.

Galileo SX Power Cables start by adding an internal Active EM Cell to the ground as first developed in the 25th Anniversary Power Cord, the SR25. And by applying the same UEF material SR first developed for the amazing BLUE fuses to the internal EM Cell, SR improve on all aspects of power cable performance including a lower noise floor, so you hear greater levels of detail with increased musicality thanks to a complete absence of noise. Frequency linearity from your connected components is also greatly improved so you hear a significant increase in frequency linearity and information that is balanced and musical. Also borrowing from the SR25 is the Galileo SX's ability to ground the SR Active EM Cell to an SR Ground Block or Active Ground Block which increases system performance further still.

Next, SR improve on the Galileo SXs Swiss made power-supply encased in carbon fiber that drives the cable’s Active EM Cell and the Active Shielding with UEF Technology from the BLUE Fuses. And again this lowers your connected component’s noise floor, so you hear greater detail, finesse, and impact. From the lowest frequencies to the air that rides above your soundstage and all frequencies in between. To say this is a major improvement would be an understatement.

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