Synergistic Research Galileo SX Digital Interconnect

Synergistic Research

$2,995.00 USD 

Galileo SX Digital Cables

Galileo SX Digital cables start with SR's most sophisticated digital geometries including Pure Silver AirStrings handmade in their California factory and Silver Matrix Tricon geometries running in parallel. SR then applies the latest UEF Technologies like the UEF Blue Fuse treatment, so they not only break in faster, but they also have a much higher performance ceiling with detail and clarity in a relaxed musical flow that is never fatiguing.  UEF Matrix Shielding has been adapted to dramatically lower your system’s noise floor with greater detail and dynamics over the previous Galileo UEF Shielding.

Finally, the shields can be coupled to either SR's passive SR Ground Block or an Active SR Ground Block for a jaw-dropping decrease in your system’s noise floor, so you hear microdynamics and inner detail that you never imagined from your favorite recordings with a soundstage increase in scale that is nothing short of virtual reality.

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