Synergistic Research Foundation SX Speaker Cables

Synergistic Research

$749.00 USD 

Synergistic Research's new Foundation SX Interconnects and Speaker Cables are the brainchildren of Lead Designer Ted Denney who wanted an affordable IC and SC loom with the performance for which other companies charge thousands of dollars. To make this a reality, Ted distilled his highest performance cable technologies like pure six nines silver in a handmade Air String geometry with UEF Matrix Shielding taken directly from the Atmosphere X Series cables and a full Blue Fuse treatment to make these cables punch far above their weight class. When paired with our UEF Blue or Black AC Power Cords, you have an affordable loom with sonic performance enough for even six-figure stereo systems.

If you are like many audiophiles, perhaps you’ve never experienced a full loom of cables designed to work together because you felt they would be too expensive? Or perhaps you think your current cable mix match is synergistic in your system? If so, now is the time to audition a full loom of Foundation cables with UEF Blue or Black power cords from Synergistic Research, and you’ll discover just what your system is truly capable of. We are so confident these are the best sounding cables at their price points, we’re offering them with a full 30-day money back guarantee. With Foundation cables, you can take your time and discover what the Synergistic Research house sound is all about. Foundation Series cables also blend perfectly with all current SR Series cables including Atmosphere X and Galileo SX so you can mix and match while staying true to the SR house sound of detail, air, soundstaging and dynamics with an ultra-low noise floor. Foundation cables are also a solid foundation when employing other SR products that create synergy in acoustics, AC and Ground Filtration, and Component Isolation.

Standard length of 8 feet in black with Banana and Spade termination is always in stock. Every other length or cables in white have to be ordered. Please allow 7 to 14 days factory lead-time.

Jonathan Valin of The Absolut Sound concluded (TAS April 2020):
"...I could happily live with the Foundations, which give you approximately 35-40% of what the Crystal Cables Ultimate Dreams offer, for sixty-five-times less dough! If that isn’t a bargain, I don’t know what is. One of the highest-fidelity budget wires I’ve heard, Foundation obviously comes enthusiastically recommended..."

Rick Becker of Enjoy The Music wrote (January 2020):
"...Synergistic Research is clearly on the cutting edge with their flagship Galileo line and new SRX power cable. The new Foundation Series cables are ample evidence of trickle down technology designed to capture new customers at price points where a lot of audiophiles call home. Dressing my gear with a complete loom from sources to speakers produced a consistency of sound among the different sources and easily revealed the differences when other components were swapped into the rig. I was skeptical that the Foundation cables would make such an improvement in my system, yet they have replaced cables that cost far more and taken my music far higher. Combined with a handful of their fabulous Orange Fuses, a $2000 to $3000 investment toward Synergistic Research's Foundation cables has taken my mid-five-figure rig well into six-figure territory. That's real value and an admirable feat!"
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The Absolute Sound's Buyer Guide 2020 - 50 Greatest Bargains in High-End Audio:
"...Jonathan Valin wasn't expecting much- and certainly not this much-from Synergistic Research's immensely pliable, bargain-basement Foundation Series interconnects and cables, which are far slimmer, lighter, and less sophisticated in design than their rich relatives, the superb Galileo SXes. But, trust him, sonically the Foundations come way closer than shouting distance to the Galileos.  Indeed, these two SR lines have a great deal in common-rich vibrant tone color, robust dynamics, spacious staging, lifelike imaging, high resolution.  Oh, the more sophisticated Galileos are less bottom-up in balance, more finely detailed, and harder-hitting than foundation: then again, they ought to be-the cost ten-to-twenty times the dough.  Put plainly, the Foundation Series is the best budget-priced wire Jonathan Valin has heard-and one of his references..."

Foundation Speaker Cable Specifications:

 4 each Silver Air String:
 - Silver Air Strings: 99.9999% pure monocrystal silver conductor
 - 8 separate conductors
 - Dielectric: Air (sealed)
 - Shielding: Silver Braid -Quantum Tunneled

4 each High Current Copper Air String:
 - Copper Air Strings: 99.95% pure copper conductor
 - 8 separate conductors
 - Dielectric: Air (sealed)
 - Shielding: Silver Braid -Quantum Tunneled

SR BoFa Banana and SR Silver Spade Connectors

Build Notes:
 - 16 point-to-point hand soldered connections
 - Level 2 UEF Matrix Shielding: UEF coating with Graphene is applied directly to connectors significantly reducing the noise floor and allowing a purer signal to transfer with less grain providing more warmth and detail
 - Silver Solder: 4%
 - Hand build time: 2 hours
 - Quantum Tunneling: Post Production process, 1 million volts are passed through finished cable providing a “canal” that allows electrons to pass more freely through conductor material and connections
 - Secondary UEF Blue Treatment originally developed for SR Blue Fuses
 - 5 day Burn-in: 2 step process
 - Handmade in SR's California factory

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