Synergistic Research BLACK UEF Duplex receptacle

Synergistic Research

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The new Synergistic Research UEF Black Duplex uses the same technology as Synergistic's world class SR Black Quantum Fuses. That means the same sound you get with their Black fuse can be had in a new state-of-the-art AC Duplex. The same ultra black backgrounds, the same holographic soundstaging, the same low frequency weight and control and the same linear and refined highs without a trace of hardness despite their extreme resolution. 

Conditioned with a proprietary treatment that alters the conductor at the crystal structure and then treated with 2,000,000 volts of electricity which alters the conductor at the molecular level, the Synergistic Research Black Duplex is truly state-of-the-art. Materials include UEF Coatings and Graphene with 8-million times the conductive density of copper. Synergistic Research’s new UEF Black Quantum Duplex will revolutionize the way you plug in and tune out!

Rick Becker of Enjoy the Music concluded (Nov. 2016): "...if after trying the fuses and outlet you are impressed, you will be poised to spend large for cables and a PowerCell. That's where the fun really begins. The pain of doing so will be greatly reduced by the Black Fuses having doubled the apparent value of your phono stage, preamp and amplifier. While many will think of fuses as a tweak, to my mind, the Black Fuse has become an essential component. Reviewing these two products has been a ride (and the road goes on forever) so the Black Fuses and the UEF Black Duplex outlet are staying right here in my armory... even if you have laid out the $600,000 for the system I heard, I'd place a gentlemen's bet that you'd love it even more with Black Fuses and the UEF Black Duplex outlets in the wall. It's the least expensive way I know to give your system a qualitative upgrade of such magnitude..."
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