Synergistic Research BLACK Quantum Fuses

Synergistic Research

$119.95 USD 

Introducing Synergistic Research BLACK featuring a patent pending UEF coating and Graphene with 8 million times the conductive density of copper. If you thought Synergistic Research RED fuses were a big improvement over the original SR 20 Quantum Fuses, you ain't heard nothin yet! The difference between (SR) RED and BLACK fuses are night and day with amazing gains in transparency, clarity, sound staging, and musicality.

In addition to the new material Graphene used and the UEF coating the BLACK Fuses are treated with 1 Million volts of electricity in a process SR calls Quantum Tunneling that alters the conductor at a molecular level for optimum performance.

Due to the use of the new material Graphene, the BLACK Quantum Fuses need at least 75 hrs initial burn-in time and up to 200 hrs until the full performance potential is reached.

Synergistic Research BLACK Quantum Fuses are available in many variants - small (5x20mm), large (6.3x32mm), fast blow (F) and slow blow (T).

Most Wanted Component Award 2016

StereoTimes Most Wanted Component Award 2016 - Synergistic Research BLACK Quantum Fuse
"...tiny fuses are a BIG hit! Who would ever think that two tiny audio amplifier fuses could have such a profound, positive result in what we hear from our audio system? That's exactly what happened when I switched from the two stock fuses that I had been using with my reference Behold stereo amplifier to Synergistic Research's new BLACK Quantum Fuses. Proprietor Alfred Kainz of Highend-Electronics located in California gave me superb service and sage advice regarding the best way to get maximum effect from these fuses. They are directional and require proper orientation to get the best results. In addition, the near super-conductor graphene is used which requires these fuses to have 25 to 200 hours of burn-in time for them to provide their optimum magic. The more the fuses burned in the more the soundstage increased, harmonics grew denser, and grip in the bass became tighter. All of these attributes allowed this listener to become much more emotionally involved with the music. Synergistic Research's new fuses seem to allow the amplifier to pass more important information along and perform at its very highest capacity. At $119.95 per fuse you owe it to yourself to give them a try. The results I experienced are a huge bang for the buck. Highly recommended!" (Clement Perry, Moreno Mitchell, Dan Secula and Ron Cook of The StereoTimes)  

Rick Becker of Enjoy the Music concluded (Nov. 2016):
"...if after trying the fuses and outlet you are impressed, you will be poised to spend large for cables and a PowerCell. That's where the fun really begins. The pain of doing so will be greatly reduced by the Black Fuses having doubled the apparent value of your phono stage, preamp and amplifier. While many will think of fuses as a tweak, to my mind, the Black Fuse has become an essential component. Reviewing these two products has been a ride (and the road goes on forever) so the Black Fuses and the UEF Black Duplex outlet are staying right here in my armory... even if you have laid out the $600,000 for the system I heard, I'd place a gentlemen's bet that you'd love it even more with Black Fuses and the UEF Black Duplex outlets in the wall. It's the least expensive way I know to give your system a qualitative upgrade of such magnitude..."
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