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$995.00 USD 

The new Atmosphere X power cord series consists of four different models - Alive (Level 1), Excite (Level 2), Euphoria and Euphoria High Current (Level 3). Similar to the Atmosphere X signal cables, these power cables incorporate new UEF Matrix shielding, Blue fuse conditioning process, improved 1,000,000 volt Quantum tunnel process and SR25 trickle-down technology.

Also featuring Graphene implementation in its second generation. Graphene has the highest current density in the world of any material (8 million times that of copper) making it a near “superconductor” at room temperature!

Graphene imparts performance characteristics not found in other power cables. These new Atmosphere X AC cords also include built-in UEF filters and internal power supplies for Active Shield biasing of the cable WITHOUT the need for an external power supply. Simply plug and play like conventional passive power cords. These AC cords are flexible and thinner than older SR AC cords.

The Atmosphere X power cables product range includes 5 different types.

  • Atmosphere X Alive (Level 1) / Price: $995 / 5 feet
  • Atmosphere X Excite (Level 2) / Price: $1995 / 5 feet
  • Atmosphere X Euphoria (Level 3) / Price: $2995 / 5 feet
  • Atmosphere X Euphoria High Current / Price: $3395/ 5 feet
  • Atmosphere X Devialet / Price: $1495/ 5 feet (special order only)

Standard 5 ft. length are always in stock. All other length need 1-2 weeks factory lead time

The Atmosphere X Alive Level 1 AC Power Cable is the highest performance non-Active power cord in SR history, now greatly improved with the BLUE Fuse treatment process and a new UEF Matrix Shielding first developed to lower the noise floor of SR's flagship Galileo SX power cords. Musical pure copper is combined with the award winning 4th Generation Tricon geometry and pure Silver and Tungsten "Air String" geometries for increased air, detail and sound-staging. Adding an Alive power cord to your system is like getting a new and entirely better component guaranteed or your money back!

SR sets the bar high with Excite X to exceed the performance of all previous Synergistic Research AC cords with Active Shielding powered by an outboard MPC power-supply. The goal was to reduce complexity while significantly raising performance at a much lower cost, and succeeded without the messy MPC power supplies! To reach the goal SR treated all conductors, wall and IEC connectors, as well as the internal power supply with the award-winning Blue Fuse treatment process. The new internal DC power supply biases the Copper Matrix, Tricon and Silver/Tungsten “Air String” geometries and shields for a dramatic lowering of your systems noise floor for increased dynamics and effortless detail without listening fatigue. Atmosphere X Excite Power Cables are the first Active Shielded power cords in the Atmosphere X line up sharing performance and design elements with Galileo SX including UEF Matrix Shielding. Atmosphere X Excite delivers a significant portion of what you get with Galileo SX and is perfect for the experienced audiophile seeking maximum performance at a price that won’t break the bank.

Atmosphere X Euphoria Power Cables are specifically designed to reduce all noise in your system including digital grunge by shunting it to ground inductively through a complex multi cable geometry, UEF Shielding and Active Shielding for the quietest power cord in the Atmosphere X lineup. All conductors, wall and IEC connectors, shields and the same Swiss-Made power supply found in the Galileo SX power cords are then treated with our amazing Blue Fuse treatment process, and this gives Atmosphere X Euphoria a lower noise floor than is possible from the more conventional power supply and geometries found in Excite. Additionally, Euphoria’s geometry gets a boost from one more pure Silver Air String for a sound that has increased air and finesse. Another trickle-down performance upgrade from Galileo SX is the inclusion of a Ground Plane encased in the carbon fiber tube. And there’s an option to ground Euphoria’s Swiss power supply and shileds to a Synergistic Research Active Ground Block, this is perhaps the most significant upgrade that dramatically reduces your system’s noise floor for increased dynamnics and emotional involvement in your music. As with Galileo SX custom tuning is achieved through the use of a Gold UEF Tuning Module that adds warmth and bloom or when not connected the cable has a leaner balance. Of course, the choice of whether or not to use the Gold Tuning Module is yours, giving you the option to custom tune the sound of Euphoria to complement your system.

Bill Wells of The StereoTimes concluded (September 2019):
"...what I experienced with these cables was very consistent with the overall improvement I experienced with the company’s newer Powercell 12 UEF SE. Improvements were literally across the entire musical spectrum and literally brought to my listening room a heightened sense of sonic realism that helped elevate my listening pleasure immensely. Indeed, the Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Euphoria power cords, speaker cables along with the Reference Ethernet cable are truly wonderful products and I give them my very highest recommendation..." CLICK HERE to read the entire review

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