Synergistic Research Acoustic ART Basik

Synergistic Research

$500.00 USD 

The little brother of the $3500 Acoustic ART room tuning system. The ART Basik consists of 1 Satellite (instead of the Vibratron), 3 more Satellites for side and back walls and one Bass Station. The difference from the Acoustic ART system is that the satellite resonators are not Quantum Tunneling-treated and the resonators are not varnished. This gives them more of a silver color. For audiophiles who would like to experience the 3D soundstaging of the original Acoustic ART system, but at a more affordable price.


The Acoustic ART Basik kit consists of:

  • One ART Basik Satellite for the front wall
  • Three ART Basik Satellites for side and back walls
  • One ART Basik Bass Station


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