Synergistic Research RED Quantum Fuses

Synergistic Research

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Synergistic Research RED Quantum Fuses feature proprietary alloy burn wires and end caps encased in anti-resonant ceramic bodies. RED fuses are then treated with 2,000,000 volts of electricity in a process SR calls Quantum Tunneling that alters the conductor at a molecular level for optimum performance.

Unique to Synergistic Research RED Quantum Fuses is a new treatment process applied exclusively to Synergistic Research RED Quantum Fuses that realigns the crystal structure of both the burn wire and the end caps for a refinement in high frequency characteristics and improved timbre linearity.

All told SR RED fuses significantly outperform every other high-end fuse on the market and are the only fuses guaranteed to deliver a significant increase in system performance or your money back. When compared to SR's award winning SR20 Quantum Fuses, SR RED Fuses sound more refined with smoother highs and more linear frequency extension from the deepest bass to the highest highs - no small feat given the remarkable performance of the original SR20 Quantum Fuses.

Synergistic Research RED Quantum Fuses are availble in many variants - small (5x20mm), large (6.3x32mm), fast blow (F) and slow blow (T).

Robert S. Youman of PFO (Sept/Oct 2014) wrote:

"...with the RED in place, this was the best my Playback Systems MPS-5 ever sounded. That typical edge and stridency on certain digital recordings was much better controlled if not gone..."

 "...I could hear into the music with a new level of detail and speed that was easy to differentiate. The soundstage seemed to double in size for both depth and breadth. Again, easy to hear and realize..."

 "...the RED fuses are an absolute must audition... this product is a relatively inexpensive upgrade and can offer clear and immediate sound quality improvements to your system. Very highly recommended!"

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