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$1,495.00 USD 

The Hallograph breakthrough technology is the result of over 10 years of research that studied the effects of the speaker/room interface. The Hallograph contours the frequency, amplitude and time coefficients of the first reflections you hear, which produces a stunning increase in realism. The Hallograph Soundfield Optimizer consists of two arrays that are easily placed behind each speaker near the corners of the backwall.

Each array is engineered with proprietary technology (patent pending) and made with exotic hardwoods, consisting of staggered activated panels that are mounted on an elegant base that beautifully blends into any style room environment.

More realistic presentation of stage depth, width and height, along with a warmer musical tonality that doesn’t compromise clarity and detail.

Allows latest advances in State-of-The-Art electronics and speaker designs to be heard to their full potential.
Each array is adjustable so that the system can be optimized for different rooms and speaker systems.
Activated panels generate a musically complimentary reflective energy that transforms your listening room by overshadowing typical room distortions which muddy the bass, overbrighten the presentation and blur the soundstage.
The Ambient detail of the original recording site is now finally revealed in all its glory.
Music lover all over the worlds are stunned by the level of musical improvement they are able to achieve by using the Hallograph in their systems.
Only one set is required per system. Easy set up with floor stands. The Hallograph array offers the kind of performance increase that’s associated with a major upgrade in speakers and electronics.

Dimension: 6 foot x 16 inch x 12 inch and weighs 8.4 lbs a piece

Stereotimes by Clement Perry - May 2007  read the article by Stephæn Harrell - June 2007  read the article
German magazine STEREO (english transaltion)- March 2005  read the article

Uwe Kirkback, STEREO magazine, March 2005:
"...besides a good basic system, the Hallograph is the most important accessory that I know of. Listen to the number “Fever” by Elvis to find out why this miracle component from Ben Piazza gives me such a musical fever. The Hallograph is the fulfillment of long cultivated musical dreams..." 

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