Wall Audio M 50 PSET Mono-block Amplifiers

Wall Audio

$11,750.00 USD 

Wall Audio M 50 PSET Mono-block Amplifiers

Externally fitting with Wall Audios other audio components (azure blue display, Wall Audio typical simple and elegant design, remote controled), the new parallel single ended triode mono amplifier M 50 PSET has celebrated its premiere at the Breslavia audio-show in June 2014.

Special features:

  • No negative feedback!
  • "Super-Shunt"-Power Supply
  • Hand-made in Germany
Tubes 2 x 6C33 / 2 x ECC82 NOS (each mono-block)
Frequency Response 10Hz-20Khz@0.5dB
Output 35W / 4-8 Ohm rated power per channel
Input 0.770 mV
Dimension (WxDxH) 300 x 340 x 200 mm (each mono-block)
Weight 25 kg (each mono-block)
Safety Automatic stabilized bias current of power tube | High voltage LC Choke (Pi) Filter | Tube overload protection

Anti-magnetic chassis | Pure A Class | “Super-Shunt”- Power Supply | Internal silver ribbon insulated wiring | Speaker transformer | First class material with a ferrous core (NiFe and CoFe)


Symmetrical input with 600 Ohm Transformer | Monitoring over Opus preamplifiers

Alexander Aschenbrenner, HiFi-Stars (March 2017) concluded:
"...what a debut! I had heard of these 'legendary' tube amplifiers from Wall Audio, I looked forward to them for testing all the more. And when they go back again, the memory of the splendor of their timbre and tonal-color will remain, in a way that I have rarely experienced it with even more powerful tube amps. In my opinion, the Wall Audio M50 PSET Mono Tube Amplifiers are sound-processing technology at its finest. For audiophile friends of high-efficiency loudspeakers, they are much more than simply a recommendation..." CLICK HERE to read the entire review (in German).

Key Kim, The StereoTimes (2015):
"...the Wall Audio’s midrange is glorious in timbre, tone color, liquidity, and freedom from grain. Its ability to bring to life, music’s underlining emotions was as impressive as I have heard in its price range and above. The M50 renders instruments and voices with a natural and organic quality. It didn’t matter whether I was listening to chamber music or female vocalists. Listening to Cassandra Wilson’s vinyl recording of the New Moon Daughter (PPANBST32861) was exceptional. The M50 reproduced Wilson’s husky and hypnotic voice exquisitely; there was a fabulous amount of details. The pitch precision and subtle volume changes that convey feelings and moods were presented with a great sense of musical realism and emotional involvement..."

"...the Wall Audio M50 mono amplifier is truly a remarkable amplifier that doesn’t break one’s bank account.  Yes, at under $12k! I don’t know how Wall does it. The overall character of the M50 is pure, intimate, and emotional and it’s capable of uncanny dimensionality and has a glorious midrange that is totally satisfies The M50 touched my soul with an emotion that I could easily live with. I kicked back and enjoyed the music. What else is there! Hats off to Andrea Wall for creating this remarkable component at its relatively reasonable price. The M50 gets my latest Stereotimes 2015 “Most Wanted Components” award..."
CLICK HERE to check out the entire review


Key Kim, StereoTimes wrote: "...this amp is a parallel single-ended triode, pure Class-A design, using two 6C33 tubes per side to produce 35-watts of pure German power. The M50 PSET drives my Conspiracy Audio loudspeakers beautifully. It is at once, open, transparent, and natural sounding - with gorgeous midrange fidelity..."  (Full review coming soon) Check it out

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