Langerton Configuration Duo Capable


$36,990.00 USD 

Configuration Duo Capable

An extremely demanding development project by Research Manager Norbert Heinz.

The treble unit and midrange/bass unit are mechanically fully decoupled and moveable relative to each other. This permits previously unheard-of phase homogeneity. The overall configuration is equipped with the best respective single components, which are controlled using filter assemblies fabricated in-house.

Strengths of this low-intermodulation configuration include high efficiency, a very large dynamic range and extremely broad-band playback.

The principles of the Bauhaus materialise in the configuration – form follows function.

Modular separation/decoupling
Time coherency adjustable
94dB 1W/1m
38Hz - 30kHz Frequency response
4 Ohm nominal impedance
190 watts long term
500 watts short term
2-way bass reflex
Overall height 52" (130cm)
Footprint (WxD) 34" x 32" (85x80cm) 
195 lbs weight each

Piano lacquer, black
Smoked service tree veneer, high-gloss

Marco Kolks of Hoererlerlebnis:
"...the Duo Capable thrills listeners with its clarity of resolution, speed and timbres that caress the listener. It has a soul that cannot be found in many alternative systems, and anyone with an open mind will appreciate this. With regard to its dimensions, a certain amount of space is required. You need good amplifiers; this is important. However, with the Duo Capable you can then enjoy music in a way that is possible with very few other speakers. For anyone who has grasped this for themselves, the price won‘t detract from their desire to have one either. When it comes to loudspeakers, the bar has been raised..." Check out the entire review (English)

Uwe Kirbach of Image HiFi:
"...just as the speakers themselves are an architectural artwork, to the same extent do they draw the listener with them from the very beginning of the "musical architecture" of the recording. From there, it's as if they are totally consumed by the music. A truly captivating speaker that completely earns its name - 'The Capabale Duo'..." Check out the entire review (German)

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